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Life-joy, being active and inner rest, relationships: all this (in a way it’s a miracle) goes quite by itself, most of the time.

In case of a stagnation (sometimes it’s a crisis) often this appears to be a transition to a new stage of life; old forms do not fit any more, and/or there is a need or desire for more insight in oneself, in life. Then, this form of counseling may be of help.

The conversations have as a basis the healthy/whole core of our human being, and lead to a better contact with this original nature. As a consequence, old and not-functional-anymore conditionings of the personality appear to be partially released, resulting in more space for the already present clarity.

The counseling is of practical nature as well, e.g. how to handle unfree thoughts and emotions, or designing new steps for the future.

A plan of work can be made. It is possible that 1 or 2 sessions already give sufficient clarity and direction. Spreading the sessions with large intervals, or exchanging by e-mail, also are options.

Hans Rooijakkers (1957) works as counselor since 2011. Background: neuropsychological research; attending disabled children and adults, partially with music; personel management work in this sector; biographical consultant and group-trainings in career guidance; education in counseling in processes of change and development in individuals and organisations; practice as psychologist (2001-2011); body-meditationwork; research: consciousness and nonduality.

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